Slow Food In Italy


D.H. Lawrence Goes Off The Tourist Track


The shepherding family, the Pacitti, will teach you how to make pecorino (sheep cheese) or cook the rustic recipes from the valley. Taste their world class Conciato di San Vittore, Valcomino Blu or the rare Marzolina with traditional meats from neighboring farms paired with wine from the valley's vintners

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Trastevere 0-Kilometre Aperitivo

Everyday except Tuesday (3.5 hours)

Participate in Italy’s most adored ritual, the aperitivo, a 300-year-old tradition, coordinated by the region’s local farmers in the district of the “tavern keepers.” Discover the creations of the barefoot Carmelites, drink a caffè Roman style and taste gelato made by a fairy.

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Stellar's Organic Policy

It is our goal to serve the highest quality best tasting products from our small scale local farmers and artisans with organic being our first choice. Since organic certification is not a sure sign that a product is grown sustainable and the absence of organic certification, due to the high cost, does not indicate organic techniques are not being practiced, our priority is to procure high quality extraordinary tastes that are made locally from farmers and artisans that take pride in their work and always support organic, certified or not, whenever possible.

100 mile radius rule for the locavores

0 Kilometer is commerce that favours purchasing products manufactured locally supporting the local economy and reduces pollution caused by transportation in contrast to sourcing products globally.

(noun) From the Oxford English Dictionary

Food that is produced or prepared in accordance with the local culinary traditions, typically using high quality locally sourced ingredients. Origin (1970s): contrasted with fast food